Incubation Centre

The Idea

With a great boom in the animation industry, there has been a constant growth in the demand & supply of skilled & talented artists. All the leading studios are investing a lot of time, energy & effort to bring in the endowed & capable creatives around and the fresh talent on the other hand, is striving to make an entry to the production houses. Though, there has been a significant increase in the opportunities to work & the creation of artists, there seems to be a huge fissure within the two communities which doesn't allow them to meet & interact.


The Incubation program acts as a wonderful platform to fill up this gap. The program is designed to give the freshers, the opportunity to gain valuable production experience and the chance to work with a talented group of skilled professionals in a collaborative, energetic set up. The candidates are exposed to some of the highest level of quality & creative work available in the industry.


The Program Overview below mainly talks about how the Incubation program functions.


Program Overview

  • The Frameboxx Incubation Centre identifies the specific areas (e.g. Modeling, lighting, rigging, animation, etc.) that they need the artists for and determine the number of artists required.
  • The area for recruitment is communicated to and spread across all the Frameboxx centers in India and student show reels are called for further selection.
  • The selected students are called for personal interviews and skill tests at the studio.
  • According to the number of artists required, the participants for the program are short listed and the offer is made.
  • It's a paid program wherein the participants are paid a monthly stipend.
  • The duration of the program varies from 3-4 months depending upon the project.


Benefits of the Program to the Students

  • Chance to learn and work with a production house model and an opportunity to work with some of the finest artists from the industry.
  • Intensive training & exposure to understand the production pipeline & the process.
  • Gives the participant's time to understand the studio's expectations in terms of quality, working style and other studio practices.
  • Makes the participants studio ready, as they can start working on a project immediately after finishing their term at the Incubation Centre.



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