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Pastel IP is an exciting initiative by India's fastest growing Animation & Visual Effects training brand - Frameboxx Animation & Visual Effects and is aimed at addressing the immense opportunities in the Print, Publishing, Digital Designing, Web & Broadcast industries. We live in a world that loves to communicate and interact. Over the past 20 years, technology has crossed all known boundaries and has literally brought the whole world closer than ever before. The Internet having transcended the isles of luxury has now become a necessity and plays an important role in our daily lives. Similar advances in the Print industry as well as the Television & Broadcast industry has led to a unique harmony of sorts amongst multi-media. So what goes in print, is also published online and is broadcast on TV channels as well. This has created a unique level of experience which we learn as Rich Media experience and this is precisely what you get to learn at Pastel IP. Our vast experience in the Media & Entertainment domain has allowed us to create a unique curriculum that brings in a fresh flavour and allows you as a student to achieve an apex position as a Rich Media Expert. The Print, Web & Broadcast industries are growing at a tremendous rate and will continue to do so thereby creating a golden opportunity for creative talent to take charge and create the next generation of content that rides the waves of multimedia in harmony. If you've got the passion and knack to create and deliver the next generation of content, then join in today.


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